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Ana Bass: PCM Bass
ANABLUBB: My very first sound/nice FX
AnaBrass: Analog Brass Sound
Bagpipe: Resynth. Bagpipe
Choir 1: Formant Filter
DigBass1: Powerfull
Disco B.: Flanging
Fluto: Using the formant filter
LeierKas: Leierkasten/Barrel Organ
Marimba: Res. Marimba
P800 S31: Korg Poly 800 Preset 31
Richter: Resynth. medieval Instrument
Seite 1: Ring modulated/one of my first sounds
SEITE1-2: Ring modulated/one of my first sounds
Seite 2: Resynth. String Instr.
SopFlute: Resynth. sopran Flute
SpctLead: Spectra Sweep
Sw Bass: Soft and deep
Univ.Pad: Octave Pad
VoxBass1: Formant Filter
XtraBass: Slap Bass like