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Patches by Robert Friedman III (

Cheese+: Renaldo & the Loaf?
Gurgle: Neat noisy AM patch.  Use mod wheel to change gurgle speed (pitch)
KrummyHn: Krummhorn from Fourier spectrum.  Good for harmonica in upper range too.
        Try aftertouch.
Oldfiltr: Mod wheel adds noise (wind).
Organic: Organ which quickly falls to a few harmonics.  Try un-muting S3.
Noise: 4 ADD source experiment--not useful. Put Mod wheel all the way up. Change
	sound w/ USER 1-3. See Message Board Digest (Generating Noise Using ADD?).
Dt-perc: 3 ADD source staggered series setuned pitched-percussion sound.
	Vibraphonish sound.
Supersawz: an attempt at emulating the JP8000 supersaw waveform (7 detuned saws).
	I found not much difference between 4 and 6 saws, so this one has 4 to
	save polyphony.
Spaceman: An ambient noise patch with a short component and a (long) sustained
	component. There's some AM going on here.
QtrStrch: An experiment in quarter-tone stretch tuning for middle eastern music
	(might work better in SOLO). It's basically "Osczilla" from v.3.0 factory
CLARINET: The soft harmonics content of this clarinet was constructed from a
	Fourier spectrum of the note B=233.08 Hz. It needs a little work on the
	loud spectrum, but start by tweaking the User1 and User2 knobs.