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Patches by Peter Favant (

Saxovoxx: Saxish voice with one additive source. Some of the rasp comes form
	the spectra, some from the FormantFilter and FormantFilter Envelope.
	MacroKnobs for Hi/Lo Harmonics, and FormantFilter Bias useful. I'll
	be tweaking this patch for awhile. Some overdrive type distortion
	to iron out yet on many intervals, but sort of like it. Works best
	in tenor/baritone range. Try the solo modes as well.
Clavadd: A 3 source additive patch. The patch I use as my generic Piano thing.
	I say piano thing because I like accompanying with it and using it as
	a lead as well.
Zamber: 2 used main voice sources, 2 unused ambient effect voice sources you
	can turn on and play with if you want. Lower 9 harmonics of S4 A
	materialize later than upper harmonics so bouncing touch on keys
	quite different than follow through touch. Result of wandering around
	in the parameter mapping forest of the K5K hunting for Zappa-ish stage
	band voices...
EL_PIANO: Voice somewhat like an Electric Piano. Voice uses 3 Additive Sources
	with no filters. Relies on the harmonic's individual envelope
	amplifiers and soft/loud spectrum cross-fade to shape its attack.
	Relies on the Formant Filter to blend registers across its range. Mod
	Wheel mapped to Formant Filter Bias and Odd or Even harmonics for all
	voices. This is a fun starting place for expeimenting.