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Patches by Mark Kniat (

Solaris: Pad, play a chord or something, it sweeps nice and slowly,
	responds to: velocity, modulation wheel, etc. It sufers little
	high-end aliasing.
Tubastra: pad, nice twinkly sounds with some wha-wha, if you hold it long
	enough the formant filter will start to sweep, responds to:
	modulation wheel - it changes the rate of LFO to Cutoff.
Prfet Ld: lead/pad I made it from a sample (I think it was the prophet's
	sample ?). The conversion on it did surprisingly well. I added some
	effects too.
Brazam: Soft and brassy with ambient feel to it. It uses three ADD sources
	(one of them is used to AM modulate the other). By turning the
	wheel up, you'll hear the AM effect on that patch.
Soft Ambient: Another soft ambient patch with some vibrato. By turning the
	wheel up, you'll add the Celeste effect to it.