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Science Lab X: Use mod wheel for noisy rythm parts or hold notes and
	tweak the knobs for strange noise.
Science Lab Z: A derivative of Science Lab X that is good mostly just
	for noise.
Star Orchestra: A sci-fi movie orchestra pad.
ADD Sawtooth: A detuned sawtooth wave made using Jens' formula. See
	the digest regarding Creating Basic Waveforms.
ADD Square: A detuned square wave made using Jens' formula. See the
	digest regarding Creating Basic Waveforms.
ADD Ensemble: A synth ensemble patch derived from the ADD Sawtooth.
Hyperspace: A spacey pad derived from the ADD Sawtooth. Try out the
	aftertouch effects I programmed into the patch.
Space Warp: A mellow spacey pad derived from the ADD Sawtooth.
	Applying aftertouch will change the sound from mellow to
Thumper: Whumping sub-bass sound good for shaking the walls. Try it
	down really low...
Monster Zero: A sound effects patch named after my favorite Godzilla
	movie. It sounds like a Godzilla movie. Five different
	sounds occupy the ranges C2-B1, C2-F2, F#2-B2, C3-B3, C4-G8.
	They are meant to be played together.
Ultra Fuzz: A crusty patch good for playing as is and also for
	achieving very bizarre noises by playing with the user
	assigned macro knobs.
Ultra Fuzz 2: This patch is like Ultra Fuzz 1 but has a slightly
	different palette of textures.
Far East: This patch is named "Far East" because it sounds like a movie
	soundtrack if you play a droning octave and an "indian" minor
	scale. But really you can get some interesting sounds out of it
	if you play with the knobs a bit.
Warped Drums: Big sounding electronica drums with reverse reverb. Mod
	wheel adds distortion. Try playing with the resonance and cutoff
	for tonal variations.
Oldskool: My attempt at recreating a TR808 sound. Mod wheel controls
	reverb amount.
Sci Fi: Retro science fiction sound effect. Pitch wheel creates spooky
	space sound. Play the fifth (second highest) "C" on the K5000S
	keyboard (not sure which note on other keyboards) and you get
	a sound like the bridge from the original Star Trek (as I
	remember it at least). Try the pitch wheel.
Lofi Noise: This patch is made both as a strange instrument and a synth
	noise generator. Each note on the keyboard reacts differently.
	Try holding down several low notes next to each other and doing
	drastic things with the macro knobs.
Screaming Noise: This patch will destroy your upper frequency hearing
	(just joking) - make sure you play with the controllers,
	especially the mod wheel and aftertouch (simultaneously).
	Get wierd tones by maxing out user1 and user2 and tweaking
Lucid: Ethereal, swirling space pad with scintillating overtones. Play
	with the knobs.
SawWave: One sawtooth wave with harmonic series split between three
	sources. Meant as a source for new patches - not a patch in
	itself. Take a look at the discussion in the message board
	digest (detuned harmonics) for more info.
Steel: Grating, twisted metal sound. Try chords and octaves. This one
	can be a little bit piercing....