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Patches from Jens Groh (

Timesurf: Calm, doze-in-the-sun atmosphere. Controllers: Cutoff,
	USER1...4. (5*ADD+1*PCM)
Noease: One more "industrial" texture. An attempt to get noise out of
	additive synthesis. Controllers: mod.wheel, cutoff, user1,
	user4. (2*ADD)
Dingl: FM-like patch, created by using the MORF function. Adjust the
	metallic character with the USER1 knob. (2*ADD)
Gulul: Weird gargling sound. Suggestion: hold a chord and turn the USER2
	knob left. (2*ADD)
ETHEO2: The timbre is somewhat choir-like, the dynamics is rather percussive.
	The Formant Filter setting was computed with a "virtual resonators"
	program made by Jens. (3*ADD)
ADDpegio: Additive synthesis can create a melody - carefully chosen DHE
	settings make it possible. The sound resembles a musical clock
	playing a 9/8 pattern. Experiment with the FF BIAS and USER 1
	control knobs. (2*ADD)
Chroom: A dark ambient drone. (2*PCM)
BioReact: Pure digital aliasing artifacts - somewhat spooky. Note how
	sensitive to pitch changes it is. (2*ADD)
Simoog: A classic lead sound: A sawtooth wave is filtered with a
	24dB/octave resonant lowpass filter. Nothing unusual - besides the
	fact that it is done completely with additive synthesis (even the
	"real" filter is switched off). (2*ADD)
KngzHall: Lovely pad. Try the USER 1 ... USER 4 macro controllers, pitch
	bend, arpeggio... (2*ADD)
FettFett: Turn the USER 3 knob to change the timbre from a warm pad to a
	powerful fanfare. (3*PCM)
PSDOFLNG: A pseudo-PWM sound using the formant filter to emulate the spectral
	characteristics of pulse width modulation. No flanger used, and just
	one ADD source! See Message Board Digest (pulse width modulation on
	the K5000).