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Patches by Chris(

Passages: A bass/pad sound with some feeling of motion.
ElectHvn: An etherial digital pad that, when i play chords, give me the feeling
	of an old recording in a big hall.
WrkInPr3: A pad/bell like sound that has a melancholy feeling. Sounds best with
	chords (I feel its quite good for trip-hop).
TekVBass: Uses velocity-to-cutoff control. Aslight resonance and cutoff boost
	with the mod wheel. Usefull for techno (?)
BuzzBass: Similar to TekVBass but much more raw, throaty and agressive.
Stingray: A beefy bass with pretty good punch and a high end buzz on top. Again,
	generally same filter control as TekVBass. The 2 ADD sources on this one
	were created using 2 samples i made of my music man stingray
	slapped and one normally plucked. I recorded the bass directly into my
	sampler (no mics, no FX) and then imported them with SoundDiver.

DigiGod: an attempt at combining elements of other patches
	including marsmoby and leiter's airports. not really an
	original patch but i figured i'd send it anyway.
HelsOrgan: this is a pretty creepy sounding patch. a few of the 
	sources have the formant LFO set to random so the 
	patch is always changing.
Confused: an earlier attempt at the HelsOrgan idea. still kind
	of cool. its more harsh then HelsOrgan though.
TightArp: as the name would imply, this patch has a fast attack
	and is intended to be used with the arp. the modwheel 
	will soften and muffle the sound.
HarshBas: a very nasty and noisy bass. very aggressive.
EvilNoiz: another not terribly original patch. nor is it evil sounding. 
	come to think of it, the name is completely inappropriate. 
	i made this one a while ago so i dont remember where 
	the original sources came from. well, at least i like the way 
	it sounds. its is kind of like a cross between an clarinet and 
	an organ with distortion and has the vibe of an old, poor 
	quality recording.