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Patches from Carty (

70's Sex: Sweeping analogue style patch.
Fartco..: Detuned patch with phasing.
C55.Spud: 303-ish style patch
Church7?: Organ-like pad with a delayed 'zing' sound.
Arppit?: Analogue style solo patch with a hard attack.
73Vocode: A breathy, nasal patch.
Alley23-: A crusty tremolo patch that resonates after note release.
BackLove: Smooth, mellow pad.
birdrumb: A pad with harsh overtones.
BladeRun: An organ type sound with occasional distortion.
ChupaBlo: Bowed Glass type patch.
DaMachin: Evolving ambient tremolo patch.
DawnGold: Pad that has LFO with overdriven resonance.
Delux23: Electric piano type sound with computer noises in the background.
DirtTron: A gargling patch.
HellPad!: An airy pad with warping pitch.
HyperBor: A sci-fi sound effects type patch.
Iggit: A pluck patch with reversed attack.
JunoFlow: Detuned patch with sharp attack and slow release.
JunoSolo: An analog type solo patch.
Khoutek: Sounds like the coming of the comet K'Houtek.
LostLand: An electric piano type patch with extra ambient sounds.
LSDRoadz: 60's / 70's -ish mix between an organ, chimes, and an electric piano.
Memoreez: Electric Piano patch with decaying "rainstick" type noise.
Modular1: Solo patch that sounds like a DTMF tone.
MoonSnke: A pad with harmonics that fade in and out.
Namlook: An ambient sweeping pad with nice smooth aftertouch and modulation effects.
New Wave: A tone with portamento and a filter envelope with overdriven resonance.
NiteBird: A very quiet tremolo tone.
Organa: An ambient sound that warps in.
Percol8: A sound that gets bubbly on lower notes.
PsySymph: A bright nasal pad.
ROTOV8: A computerized tremolo pad with autopan.
SPACEOUT: Very mellow space pad.
SUBOTNK1: You will submit to the computer. Resistance is futile.
Tremorz: A tremolo pad.
VanHalen: Solo patch with LFO.