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Saving Macro Knob Settings


Formant n' Macro Q
Tuesday, 17-Feb-98 06:03:02 writes:

     Hello K5000 fanatics. I love the synth... manual is desperate though (sigz).

     I have two questions which I hope someone won't mind answering. They might be in
     the manual, but I certainly didn't get a clear answer from it.

     i) how do you save the current macro settings to your patch? Very useful so that
     you don't need to send all 16 knobs at the begining of every song via midi. I
     read that someone knew how to do this. If I juSt choose "write" it never saves
     the macro's.

     ii) anyone care to explain what the formant filter REALLY does? It just isn't
     ennough to twist the knob and get an interseting peep. Math won't scare me... the
     more technical the better. Didn't find any explanation in the manual for this
     one either...


     I'm very greateful for this site... it has been a few months that I've been
     looking for a useful place for the K5000. My warmest greetings to you all.

     Plush Studios.


Re: Formant n' Macro Q
Tuesday, 17-Feb-98 16:58:59 writes:

     1. To save macro settings you enter "edit" mode and then tweak the macro knobs.
     If you save them from there (preferably to a different memory slot/patch
     name) it should record the changes the macro knobs have made to the sound. I know
     this works because it has been an endless source of frustration when I
     am trying to edit the properties of the macro knobs for my patches. I have to
     make the settings, save the patch, test them in play mode, and then go back into
     edit mode each time I want to change them. If I test them in edit mode it screws
     up my patch permanently. It can REALLY screw up your harmonic and
     formant filter levels (if you raise them they might "clip" and then they won't
     return to their original shape when you bring them back down - a little complicated
     to explain easily but try it if you really want to know and you'll see what I mean).
     There's something for the wishlist - a system setting that enables or disables
     this feature, although it's my guess this might not be feasible with the hardware.


     Hope all of my little parenthesis and ramblings didn't confuse anyone, but I'm
     easily sidetracked.



Scan Values? Save macro write key?
Wednesday, 18-Feb-98 03:30:41 writes:

     thnx for the excellent feed back Kenij. I would like to add that is would be a
     nice "wish" to have the software give you a function to press a buton while in
     "play" mode to ave the current macro controls as default for the patch instead
     of having to go to edit mode. Very often I twist those knobs and come up with a
     really nice sound. If I try to wigle all the knobs a bit to send out the control
     values / or edit them again there are usually slight differences in the positions
     which can cause a very different sound or (as mentioned) a permanent clip.

     It shouldn't be impossible to hit the "write" button while in "play" mode to save
     the current macro controls... I can't see this being limited by anything but the

     It would also be really cool if we had a function to querry current values. I also
     have a jp-8000 (sorry to tease Kenij), and you can press one button to go into
     a kind of "value scan mode". Then when you turn a knob while in the "scan" mode
     it will NOT change the sound but the current value of the knob will be
     displayed in the screen. Since the Kawai has such a nice wonderful huge display
     I think you could see all current knob and mod wheel values while holding
     down one of the buttons in the main screen... just a thought... it might een
     already be possible (if so, I would love to know where it is. And I'll kickmyself
     arround a bit for being so thick)).

     PS I think that the kawai is great for bass sounds (contrary to someone elses
     thoughts). My funkiest hard edged basses come from either this Kawai or my
     own "from scratch" waves.

     Thanks again,
     Your dark jungalist,
     Plush Studios.

     (I know I suck at spelling...)



Re: Re: Formant n' Macro Q
Wednesday, 18-Feb-98 04:08:45 writes:

     Does someone know whether the "permanent macro clipping" occurs in play mode, too?
     This would mean that you should be careful not to turn the knobs too far when
     you stand on the stage and play your K5000. If you turned too far, and you
     want to return to the original sound, you have to reload the patch from memory
     which causes a little pause. Not so good...

     Jens Groh 


Re: Re: Re: Formant n' Macro Q
Friday, 20-Feb-98 10:20:10 writes:

     Hi all! 
     O.K., I tried it out myself, but maybe some of you are still interested in the
     answer:  No, "permanent macro clipping" does not occur in play mode, just in edit
     mode. (Candidates are: Lo Harmonics Level, Hi Harmonics Level, Even/Odd Balance.)

     Jens Groh