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Multi-Timbral Mode on the K5000S


Re: resynthsis through SoundDive
Monday, 08-Dec-97 17:22:15 writes:

     Hit the Import button on the ADD panel of SoundDiver for the resynthesis function.
     It works off wav files. Let me know if you get it to work--I've only tried it a
     few times, but I didn't get any useful results out of it.

     You're right about the resonance knob--I'll try that fix, thanks.

     Not sure if this is what you're asking, but: For Multi mode, remember to set the
     patch select mode on the midi screen of the system menu. (It isn't in front of me,
     but I think those are the right names.) In "norm" mode, a patch message will select
     a multi patch, but in the other mode ("sec"?) patch changes on up to four
     channels can change the individual patches within a multi patch. 


Re: Routing different sounds to main out and inividual out
Thursday, 11-Dec-97 04:35:28 writes:

     After milling through the crappy manual for a while, I finally stumbled upon it.
     When selecting your effects algorithm (while editing the patch), there are two
     letters in the bottom right corner: "M" and "I". These stand for Main and
     Individual - which correspond to those outputs.

     First you need to select an algorithm that has a path leading to the individual
     outputs, then you need to move the sources you want to be routed to the fourth
     effects channel (which is the only one that ever goes to the individual outs). You
     do this by moving the value dial to select the source, and the keys L1 through L4
     to select the effects path it goes to. This should work for both single and multi

     The different parts will still play the same notes, however. The way to have different
     instruments play different parts is to make a multi patch with the parts you
     want (you have to reprogram all of the effects from the single patches now) and
     then assign each of the parts a different midi source (in the section menu, the
     entry to change is "sec channel"). This allows you to play all four instruments
     independently with a sequencer or other keyboards (using the midi input) - creating
     a multi-timbral mode on the K5000S.

     Hope I got all of that right.... 


Problems with K5000S in use with Emagic Micro-Logic
 Friday, 02-Jan-98 15:54:48

      Message: writes:

      Hello everybody

      I want to use my K5000S with a software-sequencer but it doesn't work properly.
      With the sequencer I can reach only one voice of the K5000S. I tried
      many things without success. I can't use more than one voice.
      I don't have these problems with my Yamaha TG100. Everything works well with the

      Does anybody know what I am doing wrong?

      Silent Bob


Re: Problems with K5000S in use with Emagic Micro-Logic
Friday, 02-Jan-98 21:50:19 writes:

     1) Put the K5k in multi mode ("MULTI" button on the front panel).

     2) Put the K5k in a multi patch that receives different parts on different channels.

     There's one more option: You can have program changes sent on channels 1-4 change
     the program playing on each channel seperately, or have a single program
     change (on Ch. 1) select a multi program that determines what program is
     received on all channels. If you hit System:MIDI:L3 you can toggle
     between "Section" (the 1st option) and "Normal" (the 2d option).

     Please post if that works! 


Multitimbral use, change of patches from A and D
 Tuesday, 09-Jun-98 17:07:30 writes:

      Hi there,

      I have recently purchased a Kawai K5000R but I am having problems
      controlling it from the Cakewalk Pro Audio 6 that I use.

      I would like to change to sounds from bank D and A but within a multi patch.
      Is there a way to do that and if there is how do you do it?

      What I am really interested in is how to use K5k as a multitimbral unit and
      have the most control over it? 

      Another question: when I make a sysex dump from K5000 to cakewalk, it
      records it just fine but it does not transmit back, how to overcome this

      I have AMD k5100/32 M/6G HD/win osr2/pinnacle.




Re: Multitimbral use, change of patches from A and D
 Tuesday, 09-Jun-98 17:56:47 writes:

      I don't have the manual in front of me but you have to do something like select
      a bank (1-4) and the patch you want....

      I believe there is also a way to change a patch in a multi but I am not sure...

      I guess I am not being much immediate help but I know it is in the manual.

      I don't use the sysex in cakewalk, I just use sounddiver so I am not sure on that.

      Hope this helps,
      Dj Seven 

      Dj Seven 


Re: Re: Multitimbral use, change of patches from A and D
 Tuesday, 09-Jun-98 19:17:04 writes:

      well, I can make it to change multi patches when multi bank is selected but
      how to change patches from cakewalk inside the multi patch since the patch
      property/field is ment/already pointing to a certain multi patch (say pg
      init 64). Boy, this is confusing.

      I am sure I am not the only person using this incredible machine in the
      multi mode, so how do you use it? Suggestions, please. 



Re: Multitimbral use, change of patches from A and D
 Wednesday, 10-Jun-98 11:51:25 writes:

      I'm also using Cakewalk Pro Audio 6.0 in Windows.

      There are two ways to use a Multi patch:

      A) Set "program receive" (under the MIDI section of the system menu) to "normal"
      and select a Multi patch from Cakewalk by selecting bank 357 and the
      patch number you want. This might mean setting up a new multi patch for each song.

      B) Set "program receive" (under the MIDI section of the system menu) to "section",
      dial up (on the K5k front panel) a multi patch that receives a different
      channel for each of the four parts (I set up one called "Cakewalk" with all
      channels initially on the same volume and panned center), and select the patches
      for each part independently from Cakewalk. (Here are the bank numbers: A 356,
      D 358, E 359, F 360.)

      I originally thought B would give me more control, but now I only use A. For one
      thing, you never have to touch the front panel of the K5k to set up a song.
      For another, the four sounds in a multi patch have to share the effects, so you
      can't freely change patches in a multi without adjusting the effects anyway.
      And, hey, it's a good thing to tailor a new multi patch for each song--you can
      also fine tune the controllers, the tuning, the pitch range, etc., etc. There's room
      for 64. I have some songs that started with making a multi patch; "Let's throw
      these four sounds together and see what comes out."

      Re the sysex dump, I haven't tried that. I back up the K5k to it's FDD.