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Loosing Sound While Editing


HELP lose sound while editing
 Thursday, 29-Oct-98 20:42:57 writes:

      I just bought my K5000s used from a dealer and I 
      am a bit concerned that I may have bought a lemon
      (it's my first synth). While trying to program for
      the first time from the DCO edit screen, I had all
      the sources except S1 off. S1 was set for Additive
      but when I hit L4 to edit the "Fine" setting almost 
      all the sound disapears until I tweak the macro 
      controls for the Harmonics and even then I don't get 
      my original sound back. Please help, I only have 
      a couple more days to take it back for a refund if
      it's broken. I also noticed that some of the PCM 
      wave samples do not sound, specificly 342-349, 362-391,
      and 423-435, is this normal? Is it because I have 
      model "S" and not one of the others? These are the only
      problems I've noticed so far, is their anything else
      I should check? I would apreciate any responses
      forwarded to my email if possible. I would like to 
      thank you for your help ahead of time. 


Re: HELP lose sound while editing
 Thursday, 29-Oct-98 21:42:21 writes:

      >I also noticed that some of the PCM wave samples do not sound, specificly 342-349,
      >362-391, and 423-435, is this normal?

      Those are almost all "attack sound" samples. If the envelope of the sound source
      you've selected is set for a slow attack, the sample will be done before the
      envelope rises to let sound through.

      I couldn't reproduce the 1st problem, tho. 



Re: HELP lose sound while editing
 Friday, 30-Oct-98 18:56:12 writes:


      The K5KS also has parameters under Control/More/More/More which will get you to 
      Controller:Expression Modulation.
      These are expression pedal mappings settings. If you haven't got an expression
      pedal and you have expression modulation mapped to volume and level is zero(0)
      you will get no sound. 



Re: HELP lose sound while editing
 Friday, 30-Oct-98 00:31:57 writes:

      The first problem does sound a little strange. I don't know if this will help but
      you may want to reload the OS from disk.  This may be done by inserting a K5000
      "system disk" in the drive and powering up the K5000 while holding down the F2
      button. You may want to download the latest OS for the K5000 from Kawai's site to
      do this (go to and follow the download link to get the K5000
      updates, they also have some brief instructions here on how to set up the system

      I've seen some other synths that would need their system RAM reset if they sat
      around too long without being powered up.  Usually you could tell that this needed
      to be done when wierd glitches like you've described start occurring.I don't know if
      this will fix it, but it's an idea. 

      For the second problem, Leiters post on the attack transient PCM waves and envelope
      settings sounds very promising.  This sort of thing has scared me many times on
      various synths. Definitely check the envelope settings on this.

      Good luck!



Wild guess for the first problem
 Friday, 30-Oct-98 01:54:14 writes:

      I have a possible idea for the first problem although it's unlikely. Perhaps the
      formant filter has a sharp cutoff and you are tuning the additive sound beyond
      the frequency range that the formant filter lets pass through?

      However, since the formant filter bands increment in 50 cent steps I don't think
      this is what's going on.

      Try starting with a different patch before you edit. A good candidate would maybe
      be my ADDSaw patch, which has fairly blank parameter settings. If you do this and
      get the same results then it is more likely that something is wrong since none of
      these things happen to me using the ADDSaw patch.

      Let us know what patch you are starting from....



Re: HELP lose sound while editing
 Friday, 30-Oct-98 07:37:42 writes:

      1. I suspect a controller setting to be the reason: There is one case I know where
      the sound may apruptly change as soon as one touches a parameter: If the patch has
      certain controller assignments. When you enter the edit mode and change the
      first parameter, a default value for certain MIDI controllers will be loaded. It's
      not the same default value for all of them (see MIDI implementation), and in some
      cases their value is offset by 64 in order to get negative values, as well, while
      in other cases there is no offset. It's very confusing! The case I remember was
      a patch using "user" macro controllers (GC#5...GC#8) in the "control" section of
      the effects menu.

      2. The macro knobs don't bring the original sound back? This can be normal in
      case of the odd/even, the hi/harm and the lo/harm knob. They exhibit a clipping
      effect, which is irreversible while in edit mode, otherwise reversible. The other
      macro knobs should always have reversible effects, unless they have additional,
      user-selected assignments to the three parameters I mentioned.
      Attention if you want to check that - there are two places for your own
      assignments: one in the "common" menu section (for the whole patch) and one in
      the "control" menu section (for each source).

      Good luck!