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K5000W Bank Volume Levels


Hey k5000w users!
 Sunday, 24-Jan-99 00:24:32 writes:

      I just might be the worlds biggest idiot.
      I know some of us were having problems with the
      B bank barely registering with the meters and
      the A bank destroying your ears. Well, I lowered
      the A bank to reasonable levels and B as high
      as it could go. But I was still wondering...
      Where was the bottom end? This synth is too crisp! 

      duh. I just got a Alpha-Juno 1, and I noticed it's signal was really hot just
      like another one that I have. So it occured to me. the k5000 is coming in too
      soft! I used the B bank as my meter gauge, and changed my patch
      cords to an input where I could control gain. There I raised the levels until
      the B bank was 'comformtable' and MASSIVELY lowered the A bank until it was
      relatively equal. NOW, with that I got bottom end, AND the gap between the two
      sounds is minimal. Awesome! Also, I lost the annoying high end I was getting
      (I was putting velo curves 1 on everything including dcf in the b bank to make
      it louder), The onboard drum kits respond better to touch (don't sound so
      thin anymore), and even the reverb seems to breathe more. WOW!

      I don't know if I was to only one, but if you haven't tried it, raise gain and
      lower the A bank (all I needed to say). It sounds like someone just blessed my

      (elated from this discovery and his new analog synth)