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Using the Individual Outputs


Routing different sounds to main out and inividual out
 Sunday, 07-Dec-97 13:59:25

      Message: writes:

      Hello, I'm planning to by a K5000S. Is it possible to split the keyboard and
      route different sounds/patches to each of main out and individual out at the same
      time? It would work like playing two instruments. I can't find any information
      on this. Thanks. 


Re: Routing different sounds to main out and inividual out
Thursday, 11-Dec-97 04:35:28 writes:

     After milling through the crappy manual for a while, I finally stumbled upon it.
     When selecting your effects algorithm (while editing the patch), there are two
     letters in the bottom right corner: "M" and "I". These stand for Main and
     Individual - which correspond to those outputs.

     First you need to select an algorithm that has a path leading to the individual
     outputs, then you need to move the sources you want to be routed to the fourth
     effects channel (which is the only one that ever goes to the individual outs). You
     do this by moving the value dial to select the source, and the keys L1 through L4
     to select the effects path it goes to. This should work for both single and multi

     The different parts will still play the same notes, however. The way to have different
     instruments play different parts is to make a multi patch with the parts you
     want (you have to reprogram all of the effects from the single patches now) and
     then assign each of the parts a different midi source (in the section menu, the
     entry to change is "sec channel"). This allows you to play all four instruments
     independently with a sequencer or other keyboards (using the midi input) - creating
     a multi-timbral mode on the K5000S.

     Hope I got all of that right.... 


Re: Re: New website - new downloads
Tuesday, 17-Mar-98 21:07:11 writes:

     Sorry for the confusion regarding Zamber's outport port mappings.

     Manual -- page 12, the rear panel foldout; QUOTE Individual Outputs: Mono or
     Stereo, individual sounds can be routed to these outputs. If not connected
     these signals appear at the Main Output . UNQUOTE

     I have been using the Individual Ouputs for a number of patches. When there
     are no patch cords connected to the Individual Outputs themselves, the
     Individual sources automatically map through main. One has access to the GEQ
     without any other effects in such a configuration. If the patch cords are
     connected to Individual output jacks on rear panel only, sources will not
     access the GEQ, and of course use INDIV volume on front panel. If Patch cords are
     connected to Main output jacks on rear panel AND Individual output jacks on
     rear panel main will appear dead and only INDIV volume pots will function. 

     Sorry for the confusion,
     Peter Favant